Available Dai Vernon Foundation Grants

  • Financial Hardship Grants
  • Tannen’s Magic Camp Scholarships 

Please see below for more information on all of our available grants.

Financial Hardship Grants

The Dai Vernon Foundation provides a limited amount of financial assistance to individuals within the magic community experiencing financial hardship.

Financial hardship grants may be utilized by the grantee solely and specifically for the following expenses:
1. Home mortgage or rent payments;
2. Medical bills;
3. Health insurance premiums;
4. Burial or cremation; and/or
5. Other necessary living expenses (depending upon the qualifying reason).

In order for the Foundation to consider making a financial hardship grant, a written application for said grant must be received by the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Such application may be made by the potential grantee or by an interested third party; provided, however, that in the event such application is made by a third party the Foundation shall confirm the potential grantee’s knowledge and approval of said application.

Click here for a Financial Hardship Grant Application

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

Please return applications to

Tannen’s Magic Camp Scholarships 

The Dai Vernon Foundation offers scholarships to Tannen’s Magic Camp each summer to support young magicians in furthering their magic education. The scholarship covers air travel to New York and all camp enrollment fees.

The application window for Summer 2023 is currently closed.

Click here for the Tannen’s Magic Camp Scholarship